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9 Air Jordan 1 “On Feet” Pics You Can’t Miss

Best Jordan 1 on Feet Pictures
Best Jordan 1 on Feet Pictures

There’s been some incredibly clean ‘on feet‘ sneaker images floating down my timeline lately, specifically some Jordan 1s. I spent the better part of yesterday and today going back through a number of sneaker accounts to track down my favorites.

I’m using this post to feature some of those photographers and share my favorite Jordan 1 ‘on feet’ pictures.


Jordan 1 OG Bred

Guam based sneakerhead Jose De Asis has a portfolio of amazing on feet shots, not just Jordans. His sneaker photos get so much attention, he landed himself a full page spread in Modern Notoriety, covering a wide range of the “on feet” pics he takes.

Jordan 1 Bred On Feet

Image credit: Jose De Asis


Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Black/Gum”

To be honest, these aren’t the best on feet images on this list, but I hold a special place for the Jordan 1 double black with gum bottoms – they’re one of my favorite shoes of all time.

Jordan 1 Black Gum on Feet


Image credit: Titolo


Jordan 1 Retro “Shattered Glass”

The Retro Shattered Glass 1s were some of the hottest sneakers of summer 2015. When pr_sneaks23 dropped his ‘on feet’ images, they got even hotter. If you’re on Instagram, I strongly suggest you give him a follow – he consistently posts high resolution on feet images of the season’s hottest drops.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Shattered Glass on Feet

Air Jordan 1 Retro Shattered Glass on Feet Part 2

Image credit: pr_sneaks23


Jordan 1 OG High “David Lettermans”

The rare orange and blue Jordan x Letterman colorway was photographed perfectly in a city based setting. The bronze of the metal stairs contrast perfectly with the bright colors in the sneaker, leaving an incredible HD on foot shot.

Retro OG 1 High David Letterman On Feet

Nike Air Jordan 1 On Feet David Lettermans

Image credit: Kicks USA


Jordan 1 Mid Triple Black

Exclucity always has the heat and always takes the best on feet shots to promote their sneakers. The black / black mids stand out against the light grey gravel ground and gold joggers. A perfect complement to make their sneaker pop out of the image.

Triple Black Jordan 1 Mid on Feet

Image credit: Exclucity


Jordan 1 Retro “Timeless Canvas”

The team at Kickz put together a small on feet photoshoot for the Jordan 1 “Timeless Canvas” release. The all white sneaker features a small pop of red in the Nike Swoosh and the photographer did a tremendous job getting the shoe to pop by modeling in a pair of dark jeans against a granite backdrop. Very clean look that highlights the shoe perfectly.


Image credit: Kickz


Jordan 1 Retro High “Melo”

Back in December of 2014 Nike released the Air Jordan 1 “Melo” sneaker, in the likeness of Carmelo Anthony. The sneakers feature a gold and black body, capped off with black nubuck. Lifestyle brand Wish captured some high resolution on feet shots to put the sneakers on display.

Air Jordan 1 on Feet

Air Jordan Melo on Feet

Image credit: Wish


Jordan 1 OG “Laser”

The Shoe Game ALWAYS takes fire ‘on feet’ pics and these are no exception. Shot with a blacked out backdrop, the team at TSG captured these Lasers perfectly.

Air Jordan 1 Laser On Feet

Image credit: The Shoe Game


Jordan 1 OG “Hare Jordans”

The Hare Jordans are one of the most sought after Jordan 1 of all time. For the spring limited release, Exclucity added more fuel to the hype by capturing some clean indoor ‘on feet’ shots.

Nike Air Jordan 1 OG Hare Jordans on Feet

Nike Air Jordan 1 OG Hare Jordans on Feet 2

Image credit: Exclucity


What’s your favorite “on feet” shot?


  1. Michael says : Reply

    Black/Gum is my favorite. You can never go wrong with black.

  2. Michael says : Reply

    My favorite Air Jordan on feet is the Timeless Canvas. It is on the name: timeless!

  3. Savannah says : Reply

    I think Hare Jordans is my fav. The colors are just perfect.

  4. Ricky S. says : Reply

    Melo looks damn fine. I like the black/gold combination. Definitely my sneaker this season!

  5. James L. says : Reply

    My favorite is Laser. I like the design, very unique! Next on my list is the Mid Triple Black. It goes with anything…definitely hot!

  6. Tyrone says : Reply

    Black/Gum for me. Maybe because it looked nice on black leather pants? Hahaha! Melo looks nice too…cuz my black leather pants can go with it too! LOL!

  7. Jhei says : Reply

    I don’t wear this kind of shoe much. Always felt like they’d break open easily due to its near-weightlessness and the the way I wear my shoes. Still, I’ve always been a fan of the Jordans. This particular model, I like due to simplicity. Retro Timeless Canvass would probably work best for me.

  8. Rustom Amaria says : Reply

    Great style and design. I personally like the Jordan 1 Retro High “Melo” and the colour combination of gold and black, which is different than all the others. I have never worn anything like it, but feel convinced to try them.

  9. Coby says : Reply

    I’m gonna have Shattered Glass for the summer. I like the mix of colors. Pretty unique, if you ask me. I like the hot orange contrast…very eye-catching!

  10. mark says : Reply

    Wow all design and style are great really love them all. “timeless canvas” took my eyes this is would be my first choice, really clean looks and like the red nike logo’s. and my second choice was “shattered glass” like the combinations of the three color.

  11. Lakeyia says : Reply

    Great styles and awesome colors. I really love these Jordans and I like how the colors can go with any type of clothing. I found that the red and black ones look pretty cool.

  12. tanya says : Reply

    those are great collection of Jordan pictures! I personally prefer Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Black/Gum” it looks so awesome over those black leather pants and it brings a dark kind of sophistication to the person wearing it.

  13. Carol Jennings says : Reply

    I remember my brother had a pair of Air Jordans that were completely red. I thought they were ugly at the time so I never bought a pair. The 2015 “Shattered Glass” shot really shows how far they’ve come. I actually think they look awesome.

  14. Denise says : Reply

    The red and black Jordan 1 OG High “David Lettermans” simply look classic and stylish. Besides, it complements my company uniform. Very cool design.

  15. Athan says : Reply

    I began collecting MJ shoes from Jordan 7. I had been able to purchase all of them from there. Thank goodness for these remakes. They may not be the unused original release, but its the closest I can afford to completing my collection. Thanks for the info!

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