21 CRAZY [Bad] Fake Air Jordans #WhatAreThose

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My buddy Snapped me this pic when he was at Marshalls:

Fake Jordan Snap

After that I started doing some research to see how many different fake bootleg Jordan sneakers I could find.

There’s more fakes out there than you can imagine. I’m not even talking about the cheap fakes you buy from China, I’m talking about the fakes that pop up right here in American chain retail stores.

This list is my 45 favorite BAD fake Jordans.

1. High Heeled Jordan WMNS Fakes

I don’t even know where to begin with these ones. It looks like they took a cowboy boot, fake Jordan sneaker, some cheap high heels and a moon boot and smashed them all together.

Fake Jordan Heels

It’s hilarious because the toe box is all scuffed up, which means someone ACTUALLY wore these…A lot.

Image credit: Fake Files

2. Big Booty Jumpan on Fake Bred 11s

They made the Jumpman logo look like Kim Kardashian.

Fat Jumpman Fake Jordan 11s

These fake 11s went a little overboard trying to recreate the stitched Jumpman heel logo, giving him a deep butt crack with thick cheeks.

Image credit: Nike Talk

3. Concord 11 / Air Max Fakes

I love the Concord 11s. I also love the Air Max 97s. But together, in the same sneaker?

Fake Jordan Air Max Combo

Hell na – pass. These are terrible.

Image credit: Paul Swagger

4. Cheetah Print Jordan 13s Gone Wrong

I’m going to give this dude the benefit of the doubt and pretend like these are just a bad choice in customization.

Cheetah Print Jordan 13

But then I saw his pants – can’t let it go. Congrats friend, you made the list.

Image credit: Xiam


I wonder if Drake has seen what these people did to his special edition sneakers.

OVO X Fakes

Not sure if they decided to spell it “OYO” instead of “OVO” for copyright reasons or if they were just morons. I’m going to assume it’s the latter, because the entire shoe is copyright infringement!

Image credit: James Crick

6. Floating Man Fake XIIs

Look at the Jumpan logo on the tongue – looks more like E.T. floating into space.

Floating Man 13 Fakes

The rest of the sneaker doesn’t look TOO bad though (from what we can see).

Image credit: Thaillest1

7. Jordan Vs / Air Max 97 Fakes

Sooooo it’s looking like those Concord / AM 97 combos weren’t a one time thing.

Fake Red Jordan 5s

This style savant mashed together some all red 5s with some Air Max 97s to create these beauties.

Image credit: Fake Files

8. Coach / Gucci / Jordan 13 Knockoffs

I didn’t really know what else to call these…

fake gucci jordans

It’s definitely not Gucci, Coach or Jordan Brand, but it looks like that’s what they were going for.

Image credit: Benny Bambino

9. Jordan XIII x Guccis

The previous sneakers were confused about which direction they wanted to head in – at least these ones are focused on knocking off Gucci.

Fake Jordan 13 Gucci 2s

Image credit: Fake Files

10. WMNS Concord 11 x High Heels

Unlike the previous fakes, at least these did a pretty good job detailing what the XIs actually look like.

jordan fake wmns heels

What would your girl say if you came home with these?

Image credit: Fake Files

11. WMNS Spikize High Heels

Who would’ve known there would be so many women’s sneakers on this list?

spizike fakes

I’d love to see the shit hole strip club these are dancing in.

Image credit: Benny Bambino

12. Bred 11 x Air Max 95 Fakes

Yes! Yet another Jordan x Air Max collab.

Bred 11 Fakes

I’m particularly impressed with how they misspelled JORDAN as JORObAN?

Image credit: Fake Files

13. Concord Jumpman Running Mans

They got the Jumpman logo on these “Concord 11” fakes looking like a “caution – wet floor” sign.


These ones are actually pretty hilarious – I might wear these just to [email protected] with my friends.

Image credit: Fake Files

14. Jordan 1 / Jordan IV Heeled Fakes

As if 1 paid of shitty fakes wasn’t enough, this girl has TWO and looks like she’s deciding which ones to wear out tonight.


Please don’t date girls who wear fake Jordans.

Image credit: Fake Files

15. Nike Shox x Concord Rip Offs

There’s a reason Nike stopped making the Shox.


They weren’t a popular sneaker – this further proves that point.

Image credit: Fake Files

16. Gucci x Jordan 18

I decided to leave the caption on this picture to further shame the owner.


Also, not sure why people think that Gucci and Jordan is a good look together.

Image credit: Fake Files

17. Concord 11 Football?

I wasn’t quite sure what to call these ones. I dubbed them “football” because it looks like they got Adrian Peterson running warm ups where the Jumpman should be.


Would you rock?

Image credit: No Way Girl


18. Jordan V Galaxy / Grape Fakes

In all seriousness though, does anyone know how it’s legal to blatantly knock off a sneaker and sell it?


These are clearly being sold in a store of some kind – shady shit.

Image credit: Fake Files

19. Jordan 11 Dancing Mans

Again, I had to make an educated guess about which sneaker they were trying to rip off (I think they’re 11s?).


But I’m calling them “dancing mans” because the little Jordan logo looks like he’s about to break it down.

Image credit: Fake Files

20. Fake Jordan 13 Carpets

I’m calling these “carpets” because they’ve got some sort of weird, felt / velvet / carpet thing going on.

Fake Jordan 13s

They look like the backseat of my mom’s ’92 Mercury.

Image creditdavidblack415

Do you have any to add to the list?

If you’ve got any more fake Jordans you’d like us to add to this list, PLEASE leave it in the comments and we’ll get it posted!

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23 Responses

  1. Man those Jumpman logos are funny AF! I’ve seen better knockoffs…I say…try harder! But if I have to choose…I’ll go for the Gucci one, tweak it a bit to look like a Jordan Future haha!

  2. ROFL!!! I’d like to see that big booty Jumpman! Should’ve used it on one of those heels! And Michael…Michael J…Michael Jackson! Haha! Two MJs in one!

  3. The amount of fake Air Jordans out there is very alarming. Thank you for making these pointers!

  4. shows are very defferences modleas and shapes colours some many available and shape very nice. market prices was very low. and shows as running also avaibale.

  5. True Air Jordan users can easily spot a fake. Seriously, these rip-offs are laughable. Guess where they were manufactured? Your guess is as good as mind.

  6. I suppose a well-made knock off is difficult to spot and I, certainly for one, would not be able to tell an original from a fake. However, the photos you posted are obviously fakes and I wonder who would buy them at all if they are for sale? Otherwise, I had a good laugh.

  7. Ha ha ha ha, there is no limit for sadness! some of this fakes are really histerical, it is obvious the bad quality and the madeoff imaginary models.
    Are those wich you can’t tell, the ones that worries me.

  8. I never knew there were so many fakes out there–I know the logo and figured they’re all the real deal! Some of those logos are terrible–especially the Big Booty Jumpan! The real Jordans in any style are more fashionable than the wannabees on this list.

  9. WTF with jordans in heels! Seriously where are these from? So not cool! I’m not talkin to you lady if I see you in these fake heels!

  10. I see Kim K! Kanye wouldn’t be too happy with this big booty logo LOL! He should’ve used it in one of those ridiculously expensive Yeezys.

  11. This is the funniest thing ever! The logos..WTF?!?!? LOL! The ones from China are better than this though. Seriously hard to check which is fake and real.

  12. I don’t know how you found those pictures but thanks for sharing them. Made my day! Love the jumpman logo variations. Especially the one with the bu crack! That’s classic! Them pics actually made me look my shoes over. I’d actually purchase those things for fun. Any idea where those thing were made? ^_^

  13. WTF is this list??? I died laughing at the logos dude! Very creative! Running man Jordan, Dancing Jordan, Football Jordan and a big booty Jordan! HAHAHA!

  14. These fake logos are absolutely crazy bad. Though they are all cringy, it was a good laugh for me.

  15. OMG I CAN’T EVEN LOL These fakes are so freaking funny, man!!!! Why can’t they replicate it better!! I mean tohse with heels, WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE? HAHAHAAH

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