5 Ways to Lace Your Nike Air Jordan 1 Sneakers

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There’s some debate within the community about the best way to lace up a pair of Jordan 1s.

I’ve got my favorite way (which I’ll share with you) but I’ll also show you 5 different ways you can lace your Jordan Ones, allowing you to pick the style you prefer.

Before I get into the step by step tutorials and different lacing methods, you need to make sure you’ve got the right shoelaces for the 1s.

The Jordan 1 is a large sneaker, with 8 eyelets (some special editions have 9 eyelets, below):


Jordan 1 Eyelets


In order to complete all the lacing styles laid on in this guide, we recommend using 72″, flat laces. This will ensure you can lace your sneakers all the way up to the top eyelets.

Naturally, we sell exact match Jordan 1 replacement laces that you can purchase on this site.


72 inch flat jordan laces

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Set up the base of your lacing

Each technique I’m going to show you starts with simple crossover lacing:

  • Start by going underneath each of the 1st eyelids
  • Then, take each lace tip and go across the sneaker
  • The lace tip should go under the eyelid directly across (meaning you pull the lace tip up through the eyelid, not down through the eyelid)
  • Follow this patten up to the 5th eyelid
  • Stop here – you should have an even crossover lacing pattern




Now you’re ready to jump into the individual styles…


Style 1: Tight, Half Way Laced with NO Tie

I see a lot of skaters (and even Lil Wayne) rocking laces this way. Setting it up is simple once you complete the crossover to the 5th (or 6th) eyelet:

  • Run your laces across the body and underneath the lace holder on the tongue
  • Tuck the lace tips into the inside of the shoe
  • Knot inside the shoe

Here’s what this style looks like live:


Jordan 1 Lacing Style #1


Style 2: Tight, Half Way Laced WITH Laces Tied

If you like the previous style but prefer to tie your laces on the outside of the shoe, this style is for you.

  • Take your laces across, up and out of the 6th eyelid (the first eyelid on the ‘top’ of the sneaker)
  • Tie the laces how you prefer

Here’s what this style looks like live:


Joradn Lacing 1 Style #2


Style 3: Tight, All The Way Laced WITH Laces Tied

If you were going to use these sneakers for what they were actually intended (playing basketball), you’d follow this method.

  • Finish the crossover lacing all the way to the top of the sneaker (through the top eyelids)
  • The laces left over will be just long enough to tie into a small bow or loose knot

Here’s what this style looks like live:


Jordan Lacing Style 3


Style 4: Loose, All The Way Laced with NO Tie

This is actually my personal favorite, but was voted down by my peers.

  • Leave the laces tied all the way to the top
  • Loosen the laces throughout the body of the sneaker
  • Leave only the tips of the laces + 1 inch of lace hanging from the top eyelets
  • Loosen the rest of the lace throughout the sneaker

Here’s what this style looks like live:


Jordan Lacing Style 4


Style 5: Loose, Half Way Laced with NO Tie (BEST Method)

This is by far and away the most popular way to lace your Jordan 1s. The 72″ laces are a little long for this method, I would go with 63″ ones instead.

  • Leave the laces loosened throughout the sneaker
  • Untie the top 2 eyelets
  • Let the tips of the laces hang off through the 6th eyelet

Here’s what this style looks like live:


Jordan Lacing Style 5


Now, I realize, there’s a bunch of other ways to lace your Jordans, but these are my favorites.

Which one’s yours?

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5 Ways to Lace Your Nike Air Jordan 1 Sneakers
5 Ways to Lace Your Nike Air Jordan 1 Sneakers

Purchase EXACT MATCH Jordan 1 replacement laces: Full step by step guide with HD images: The Nike Air Jordan 1 is my favorite sneaker and DESERVES to be laced properly. The factory lacing isn't set up the right way - neither for style nor comfort. This video is a step by step walkthrough to lace your Jordan 1 sneakers. I go through 5 different lacing styles you can take and use on your own pair of ones. More about Laces Out: