12 Best All Black Nike Air Jordans (Customs and OG)

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I truly believe there’s nothing cleaner than a murdered out sneaker. Black on black is classic, sleek and goes with almost anything.

To kick off the inception of this blog, we went out and picked out the best of best all black Jordans, from Air Jordan 1s all the way up to the 13s.

If you’ve got any suggestions for the list, we’ll take them. Leave them in the comments and I’ll take a look.


Air Jordan 1 Retro O.G. – Black on Black with Gum Bottoms

The AJ 1 “Retro High OG” dropped in late 2014 and the classic of all classics continues to reinvest itself in new colorways. The drop features a the classic silhouette with an all black finish around the upper and sole and gum bottoms. These are tough to find, but generally you can pick up a pair on eBay.


All Black Custom 1s


Air Jordan 3 Retro O.G. – 5LAB3 Black and Clears

The black / black / clear colorway launched on May 17th of 2014 in the form of the Air Jordan 5Lab3. The sneaker launched as a part of the Air Jordan Elements collection, a style that embodies the classic body of the AJ 3 with some elements of the AJ 5. The sneaker has come cool features when put into a direct light, reflecting it across the smooth upper body.


All black air jordan 3


Air Jordan 4  – Black Python Customs

Snakeskin customs aren’t for everyone, but there’s one thing that’s non debatable – the craftsmen who make these sneakers are f*cking talented. The painful attention to detail makes you tip your hat out respect, and in this case Russian sneaker artist McMaggi are no different. These kicks dropped back in late 2013 and made a pretty big splash in the sneaker world, gracing the pages of all your favorite sneaker sites.


Custom Python Jordan 4s


Air Jordan 5  – Black Grape Customs

These are some throwbacks, dating back all the way to 2012 (that’s a throwback for the customs industry). These black grape customs were created by Rudnes, a French sneaker custom artist.


Black Grape Custom 5 Jordans


Air Jordan 6  Lows – DMP Black and Golds

I’ve always been a fan of the Defining Moments Pack AJ 6s – these customs just added to the love. Jeff of JordanHead Customs knocked these Jordan 6 low customs out of the park. Jeff took the AJ 6 low Chromes and swapped silver for gold on the base of the shoe. The gold gives it a clean pop that’s unique and classic.


Air Jordan 6 Low


Air Jordan 6  – True Matte Black Customs

We came across these all matte black Jordan 6s on Twitter when we were doing some research for the article. The artwork comes Jimmy Flare, a young sneaker custom artist. Of all the research we did, we found it difficult to find all matte black customs – there were one of the few pairs we could track down. While the pain job isn’t perfect, the matte black is killer.


Matte Black Customs


Air Jordan 7  – Black “Nothing But Net” Customs

These customs some from Anthony Soria, a Texas based custom sneaker artist. They feature an all black body with a colorful sweater print wrapped around it. I think these customs outdo the original sneakers, which is incredibly rare in the customs vs. O.G. colorways debate.


Custom Jordan 7s


Air Jordan 10 – All Black “OVOs”

I’ve never been a huge fan of the 10s (don’t hate them, just don’t love them) but I do really like the collaboration between Drake’s OVO team and the design team at Jordan. The all black 10s have a heavy look to them, almost like the Jordan version of Timberlands. Definitely a great start to the Drake + Jordan brand relationship.


OVO Jordan 10 Customs


Air Jordan 11 – “Black Tiffany” Low Customs

Back in late 2013 Eddie Garcia, aka EBreez3, dropped some custom 11 lows in the “black tiffany” style. The sneakers tout an all black base with a “tiffany” blue (green?) mid sole, giving the kicks an added pop. Eddie also thew in some diamond tags on the tongue.


Black Tiffany Lows

Air Jordan 11 – “Black & Yellows” Low Customs

Liz Miller has quickly become one of my favorite customizers. Her Instagram account is filled with her work, and it’s definitely worth checking out. One of my favorites are these Jordan 11 lows that she murdered out in all black and adding some nice yellow color details for the contrasting pop.


Matte Black 11 Lows

Special shout out to Liz who actually put together an entire pack dedicated to matte black Jordans.

All Black Pack


Air Jordan 12 – “All Black OVOs”

We put the all black 10s in here, we couldn’t leave out the 12s. This collaboration was the first between Drake (OVO) and the Jordan brand which has turned into a lasting and powerful relationship. I wanted to get these when they first dropped, but never ended up getting the chance.


All Black 12 OVOs


Air Jordan 13 – “Low Quai 54”

The all black version of the AJ 13 is the latest collaboration between Quai 54 and the Jordan brand. The first version of this sneaker was all white, this time around they murdered it out in all black. The sneaker stems from the Quai 54 tournament at Trocadero in Paris, where the Jordan sponsored street ball tournament takes places.




That’s all we got folks. If you’ve got a pair of all black custom Jordans you’d like to see added, just leave them in the comments and we will keep this list updated.

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33 Responses

  1. I personally love the Air Jordan 6 Lows for my guy. I like how they made the gold and black combination to stand out, yet classy. My guy loves air jordan, I’m sure he will have a hard time choosing among these collection

  2. The pics sure bring back a lot of memories. I remember having a couple of these shoes back in my younger years, when I still actively play. Nowadays, most of my shoes are hiking and riding boots. Then again, these shoes do look nice. Perhaps I will be visiting the nearest shoe store to check them out myself.

  3. Greazy. I like the snakeskin and the black and yellows the best. I don’t know if it’s been done yet, but I think it would be cool if they came out with Bulls and Wizards style Air Jordans plus ones from his NC college team.

  4. I love the Black Python look. I would so rock those shoes. I could see many of my friends wearing various ones on this page. Sweet foot gear!

    1. Comunque il problema di stare spesso col naso all’aria e’ che poi va a finire che pesti qualcosa di molto terrestre e manrieale.Gastote considera premio anche quello!

  5. I agree, black on black is sleek and goes with anything. You can dress it up or dress them down. Can’t go wrong with them in your wardrobe.

  6. Can’t go wrong with Jordans, they’re classic and only getting better. The one’s you featured here are all good looking to me and I don’t know which one I want. Perhaps I’ll just buy them all:D

  7. I love the pair labeled, “nothing but net”. I love the color against the black. Then again, there are a few that I would like.

  8. I wish I had at least eight legs, so I could be showcasing the new line all at the same time! Seriously, how can you choose just one? They’re all dope!

  9. Where was I when the Nike Air Jordan 1s came out in 2014? My dad wore something like these back in the day, and I’m determined to find a pair on Amazon, eBay, or wherever I can get them!

  10. I scrolled down the list a few times to pick the most feminine looking of all. 🙂 I’d wear Air Jordan 12 – “All Black OVOs”. It’s simple, stylish, and with a sparkly effect.

  11. Looks like Air Jordan 11 – “Black & Yellows” Low Customs have the style and functionality that suits a student like me. I hope the price fits my budget too.

  12. Nike Air Jordan products are wonderful for sure. the design, and finishing are just unmatched. Will acquire a pair soon.

  13. 5LAB3 Black and Clears design look sturdy. However, I like Black Tiffany more stylist and awesome. May I know where to buy?

  14. The “Nothing But Net” 7s are so cool! I don’t like colour on my shoes (all black, please) but I’d make room for those.

  15. Those retro 1s are definitely calling my name. I might have to start doing some type of sport to justify me hunting those down.

  16. I totally agree THE BEST OF THE BEST, AIR JORDON, My brother had these Air Jordan 11 – “Black Tiffany” Low Customs and they looked awesome !!! You simple fall in love with all the designs!!!

  17. Great taste in shoes. The Retro High OG black on gum are a great take on classic look. I will definitely be ordering a pair for myself.

  18. The 11s looks really nice. I wonder uf its a good choice if i go out in the woods after its been raining…

  19. They shoes are awesome! I would totally wear some of these. I like the solid black ones the very best. I must start saving my dough immediately!

  20. They all look great. My favorites on here are the Air Jordan 11 – “Black & Yellows” Low Customs. I would probably buy these.

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