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THE Complete List of WMNS Adidas NMD Colorways [Updated]

Adidas NMD Womens Guide
Adidas NMD Womens Guide


Since our list of Men’s adidas NMD colorways received so much positive feedback, I decided to put one together for the ladies.

To be honest, the women’s NMDs are better than their male counterparts and may want to consider sizing up and squeezing into them.

I plan to keep this post updated as the adidas team drops more releases dates. Ladies, make sure to bookmark this list for future reference.

adidas NMD colorway releases

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Sneaker Name Colorway Release Date
Suede “Wine Burgundys” 3/17/16
WMNS NMR R_1 Black Suedes 3/17/16
Sky Blue “Sao Paolos” 3/17/16
WMNS NMR R_1 Navy / Maroon 3/17/16
WMNS NMR R_1 “Black Spiders” 3/17/16
WMNS NMR R_1 “Red Spiders” 3/17/16
WMNS NMR R_1 Gold / Nude Mesh 3/17/16
WMNS NMR R_1 Primeknit “Vintage White and Lush Red” 3/17/16
WMNS NMR R_1 Pink and Navy 5/4/16
WMNS NMR R_1 “Geometric Pack” “Purple Blanch” 5/4/16
WMNS NMR R_1 “Geometric Pack” “Blanch Blue” 5/4/16

adidas NMD colorway releasesadidas WMNs NMD Suede “Wine Burgundys”

Release date: 3/17/16

Price: $170


This take on the NMD has a suede upper sole, giving them a buttery laid back lifestyle vibe. This cut definitely has a distinctly different, deconstructed silhouette from the rest of the colorways/packs.




Image credit: Sneakernews


adidas NMD colorway releasesadidas WMNs NMD “Black Suedes”

Release date: 3/17/16

Price: $170


Same as the burgundy ones above except with an all black (so black they look green) upper sole. We just received word this week that this black suede colorway will release as a part of the massive St. Patty’s day drop and will be available in women’s sizes only.



womens-nmd-suede-black womens-nmd-suede-lack-lowImage credit: adidas


adidas NMD colorway releasesadidas WMNs NMD All White “Sky Blues” (“Sao Paolos”)

Release date: 3/17/16

Price: $170


adidas first teased this colorway on their Instagram account with a short video. These were dubbed early on as the “Sao Paolo” pack and there was no official word of release date or whether they were mens or womens. Official sources confirmed this week they will release on 3/17/16 and be available for women only.



Image credit: High Snobsociety


adidas NMD colorway releasesadidas WMNs NMD  Neoprene – Navy / Maroon

Release date: 3/17/16

Price: $170


I really like this colorway – for a women’s pack, it’s different. The front of the toe is made up of navy and maroon blocks of neoprene, while the heel has a grey chain metal effect. To make the sneaker pop (and distinctly women’s), adidas added a pink bow.



Image credit: High Snobsociety


adidas NMD colorway releasesadidas WMNs NMD  “Black Spiders”

Release date: 3/17/16

Price: $170


I don’t really know what adidas is calling this colorway, but I’ve dubbed it the “black spiders” due to the spider web-ish lines running across the body of the sneaker. This pack will also be available in red (see next).



Image credit: High Snobsociety


adidas NMD colorway releasesadidas WMNs NMD  “Red Spiders”

Release date: 3/17/16

Price: $170


As mentioned above, this the red version of the sneaker. To be honest, I like these, but compared to the rest of the releases in this pack, the spiders fall towards the bottom. Still hot, but I’d opt for some of the others on this list first.


Image credit: High Snobsociety


adidas NMD colorway releasesadidas WMNs NMD  Gold / Nude Mesh Backs

Release date: 3/17/16

Price: $170


Again, the adidas marketing team hasn’t given us an official title for these yet. I’m calling them the gold/nudes because of the obvious colorway. I can’t help but wonder if Kanye’s influence on adidas drove this colorway. Either way, they’re an awesome addition to an already stacked spring / summer release.


Image credit: High Snobsociety


adidas NMD colorway releases

adidas NMD Runner “Vintage White and Lush Red”

Release date: TBD

Price: TBD


We stumbled on the [un]official release date courtesy of ISLAYTHEGAME and are still waiting on adidas to confirm it. We’re still unsure of whether these will release as a men’s or women’s pack, but as soon as we have word you’ll be the first to know.




Image credit: Modern Notoriety



adidas NMD colorway releasesadidas WMNs NMD Pinks and Navy Blue

Release date: 5/4/16

Price: $120


Champs took to their Twitter account in early May and announced these pink and navy NMDs would be dropping later in the week. At first glance, I wasn’t crazy about this colorway (which is why I assume they got dumped on Champs). But after a closer look at the all white bottoms and bold pink, I flipped. I definitely like this colorway and I’m thinking about adding them to my summer collection.

adidas NMD womens pink blue

Image credit: Champs


adidas NMD colorway releasesadidas WMNs NMD “Blanch Purple”

Release date: 5/4/16

Price: $120


The men’s version of the NMDS has a full “geometric” pack – these are rumored to be 1 of the colorways to drop in the ladies version. They have an almost camp like body, with large pastel blocks of pink and purple patterning the majority of the sneaker’s body.


adidas NMD womens blanch purple

Image credit: Bait


adidas NMD colorway releasesadidas WMNs NMD “Blue Blanches”

Release date: 5/4/16

Price: $120


Another colorway in the previously mentioned ‘geometric pack’, this version replaces the pink and purple with navy and Carolina blue. These sneakers already dropped in Europe last month and headed for the US in early May.

adidas NMD womens blanch blue

Image credit: Kicks on Fire


Did I miss anything?

If you have anything to add, PLEASE, leave it in the comments section below. I keep these posts updated daily so if you know of any releases, packs, colorways or pricing I missed – leave it below.


  1. kenji says : Reply

    Hi, any idea what size should I get for the womens if i’m a mens uk7?
    are the women’s fit diff from the mens?

  2. sheila says : Reply

    This line of shoes are different. I am a person who likes white shoes so the different colors do not catch my attention. I am sure there are people who will love them!

  3. sara says : Reply

    Momma needs some new shoes! I love the colors! I will have to investigate.

  4. TJhei says : Reply

    Ooh! Those are gonna look good on my girl’s feet. Looks like we’ll be visiting the shoe store the next time we go out.

  5. Nadine m. says : Reply

    The collection is very colorful and would match many pieces in my wardrobe. Back in the days sneakers were associated with the outdoors.. nowadays they impart an element of elegance and this is just the collection for that! my favourite is the beige pair. can’t wait to get my hands on those.

  6. Cassandra says : Reply

    I love the adidas WMNs NMD Neoprene – Navy / Maroon! I would buy these and wear them with practically everything. They look great and Adidas has always been the most comfortable shoe I have tried.

  7. CallieAnne says : Reply

    I love all of these different color choices. Adidas has really upped their game with this line of sneakers! I think my favorite is the adidas WMNs NMD Suede “Wine Burgundys”.

  8. Frank says : Reply

    My girl would like those wine burgundys. I think I’ll buy them for her B-day this month.

  9. Samantha says : Reply

    Glad you’re not being one-sided and just highlighting guy shoes. Thanks for sharing this, great selections!

  10. Abrar says : Reply

    looks awesome and attractive. i think i want it all..

  11. Adonis says : Reply

    My wife loves pumps, I’ll be sure to come back here for some advice on our anniversary. Thanks for writing!

  12. Bianca says : Reply

    I love the Wine Burgundys adidas, can’t find those colors anywhere else. Thumbs Up for all the other ones too very creative work. Thanks!

    • Maggie says : Reply

      Appntciaeirg the persistence you put into your site and detailed information you provide. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material. Fantastic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  13. Blaire says : Reply

    Nice womens addidas colorways. Thanks for writing this!

    P.S. the yellow links look very light to me and kinda hard to read, maybe you want to consider darkening them.

  14. Craine says : Reply

    LOL “the women’s NMDs are better than their male counterparts and may want to consider sizing up and squeezing into them.” funny! I just have to do that. But don’t tell anybody.

  15. Leslie says : Reply

    I really like the contour of the wine burgundys. They look like something I would wear.

  16. Sarah says : Reply

    I’m a sneakerhead too:) I just love Adidas they are my favorite brand!

  17. Zerkle says : Reply

    Nice but expensive! at least in my opinion. Oh well, guess you gotta pay to play.

  18. Jeremy says : Reply

    I like the red spiders! I would totally date a girl who rocked those.

  19. Seidera says : Reply

    Women shows have evolved a lot. I remember when most of the women’s sneaks just looked like ole generic white sneakers, and all the hot stuff was reserved for guys now. Now I guess merchants and manufacturers have realized the untapped market potential of women sneakers.

  20. Corren says : Reply

    My sister’s B-day is coming up soon, so I think I will get here a pair of the black suedes. Yeah, that seems like her style.

  21. Bart says : Reply

    Great womens collection of Adidas. No one really writes about this too much. You site has a lot of great versatility. Keep up the great work!!!

  22. Nate says : Reply

    Awesome collection! I think you missed the Women’s NMD Black/Peach/Pink colorway, but other than that pretty solid list!

  23. Seema says : Reply

    I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  24. Julie says : Reply

    Do you know if there’s going to be any restocks soon? and also how/where do I keep up with the latest sneaker releases? any suggestions and tips?

    • Micheal says : Reply

      You know, Chris Brogan calls us New Media people “Super He1;os&#822re, but you seem to be a super hero in your secret identity, too!I can SO see that chase scene in a movie!

  25. Stef says : Reply

    Loved this, awesome to see women bloggers in the sneaker space

  26. Sarah says : Reply

    These shoes are fire! I need to know when the nmd_ r1 pk camo pack in orange get released again ! I’m sad I just found out about these shoes. Good job adidas

  27. Narissa says : Reply

    When are the next more recent drops happening ? Through July and so on

  28. Niv says : Reply

    Will these be released again?

  29. amy says : Reply

    Is there anything new for the summer? please update this list =)

  30. Hales says : Reply

    Why are these not on the addidas website ?? Im in the U.S i want these so bad

  31. Madison says : Reply

    Do we have an idea of when they’ll release these again?

  32. Josephine says : Reply

    Hi, just to check which website can I get the Adidas NMD R1 Navy/Maroon?

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