How To Clean Your Air Jordan Sneakers

Nike Air Jordan 9 on Feet

If you find yourself over obsessed with keeping your sneakers clean, even to the point of never wearing them, have no fear, we have a cleaning tip for every pair of kicks you own. Most people simply throw their kicks into a pillow case and straight in the washing machine, but if your sneakers are […]

9 Air Jordan 1 “On Feet” Pics You Can’t Miss

Best Jordan 1 on Feet Pictures

There’s been some incredibly clean ‘on feet‘ sneaker images floating down my timeline lately, specifically some Jordan 1s. I spent the better part of yesterday and today going back through a number of sneaker accounts to track down my favorites. I’m using this post to feature some of those photographers and share my favorite Jordan 1 ‘on […]

5 Ways to Lace Your Nike Air Jordan 1 Sneakers

Best Ways to Lace Jordan 1

There’s some debate within the community about the best way to lace up a pair of Jordan 1s. I’ve got my favorite way (which I’ll share with you) but I’ll also show you 5 different ways you can lace your Jordan Ones, allowing you to pick the style you prefer. Before I get into the step by […]

21 CRAZY [Bad] Fake Air Jordans #WhatAreThose

List of Fake Jordans

My buddy Snapped me this pic when he was at Marshalls: After that I started doing some research to see how many different fake bootleg Jordan sneakers I could find. There’s more fakes out there than you can imagine. I’m not even talking about the cheap fakes you buy from China, I’m talking about the fakes […]

25 Ways to Tell If Your Jordan 11s Are Fake or Real

Jordan 11 Fake vs Real

Fake Jordan sites have sprung up all over the web in recent years. While their products are “knock offs”, their techniques have come a long way. A number of manufacturers are able to create replica sneakers that look almost identical to the real version. Keyword there is almost. There’s a ton of ways to find out if your Jordan […]

12 Best All Black Nike Air Jordans (Customs and OG)

Best All Black Jordans

I truly believe there’s nothing cleaner than a murdered out sneaker. Black on black is classic, sleek and goes with almost anything. To kick off the inception of this blog, we went out and picked out the best of best all black Jordans, from Air Jordan 1s all the way up to the 13s. If […]