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5 adidas Tubular WMNS Colorways Perfect for Summer

womens adidas tubulars
womens adidas tubulars

With summer right around the corner, I wanted to put together a style guide to one of my favorite sneakers – the adidas Original Tubulars.

These sneakers haven’t gotten the hype they deserve, especially the women’s version. I went out and found my favorite Tubulars as well as some basic outfit pairings for you to take summer 16 by storm.


WMNS Tubular Triple Whites

I love this white on white on white colorway – they’re perfect for a sunny Saturday afternoon and go well with almost anything you’d like to wear them with. Kylie Jenner pairs them with a light grey tracksuit, a great look for the cooler summer days.

  • Price: $99
  • Where to buy: Asos

Womens Tubular All White

Kylie Jenner Adidas Tubular

Image credit: Asphalt Gold


WMNS Tubular Defiant Triple Red Snakeskin

Triple red sneakers are always a good idea – the all red Tubular Defiants are no exception. Style blogger Jana Rose Carrero puts them to work with a leather skirt, writing “I went for the scarlet pair, for its pop of color and modern feel”.

adidas womens defiant tubular

adidas Womens Triple Red Tubulars

Image credit: OJ and Cigs


WMNS Tubular Defiant (All Whites)

This Tubular has a slightly different body shape and design than the previous. It features a large strap on the back and a bandage strap across the middle, giving them a slightly different feel from the base Tubular sneaker. None the less, these are another great addition to your summer wardrobe, going perfectly paired down with a pair of sweats or shorts.

Tubular Womens Viral


Image credit: adidas


WMNS Tubular Defiant “Blanch Purple” Mids

These tubulars add a nice pop of pastel purple (with varying shades) throughout the body of the shoe, while keeping a white tubular sole. They follow the mid sole design of the Defiant version, but add a cross body band and suede heel panel for a nice unique twist. These go perfect with a pair of skinny black jeans, slightly rolled up to really show off the contours of the sneaker.


Image creditasphalt gold


Sneakersnstuff x adidas Tubular “Shades of White” Pack

The brand with 3 stripes teamed up with the guys at Sneakersnstuff to put out a ‘shades of white’ pack with some serious summer vibes. The body of the sneaker is very similar to the triple white version of the Tubulars, with some subtle (but huge) differences. The shade of white is a little closer to ivory, and the sneaker switched up to some pastel pink laces, really helping the sneaker to pop in a different lighting.

Sneakersnstuff Shades of White adidas

Shades of White Tubulars

Image creditSneakersnstuff


What do you guys think? Will you be picking up a pair of adidas Tubulars to set off your summer outfit?


  1. Jamie K. says : Reply

    Defiant Triple Red Snakeskin for me! A pop of color indeed! And I love the snakeskin detail…defo something you don’t see often 🙂

  2. Shontelle Adams says : Reply

    Not a big fan of white sneakers but I think I’ll have to think twice with the Tubular Triple Whites. I’ve seen celebs wear white sneakers lately and I feel like going to the store to check one out. BUT this Tubular is sooo pretty so I guess this is the one for me!

  3. Toni Fontello says : Reply

    I personally like the All White and Shades of White sneakers. Those styles go with any color and type of clothing and are suited for any occasion! The soles look very comfortable and cushioned, too.

  4. Isabel says : Reply

    I am not into sneakers or trainers. But, if I were to get a pair, I will opt for the Shades of White or the Defiant Triple Red Snakeskin. They look cute and comfy.

  5. Carmen says : Reply

    Triple Red Snakeskin sneakers is rocking! It is a great taste to mix and match it with a leather skirt.

  6. Susan says : Reply

    My personal favorite is the “Shades of White” sneakers. It will go just fine with any outfit.

  7. Robina says : Reply

    Damn those Defiant Triple Red Snakeskin is on fire!!! Seriously hot sneakers this season!

  8. Winona says : Reply

    I’m gonna be bold this summer so it’s gonna be Blanche Purple Mids for me. Not too daring for you but considering that my sneakers are either black or white, purple is defo a game changer. Love the shade and the construction of the shoes!

  9. Davina says : Reply

    Shades of white looks pretty…pretty girly in fact. But imma trade the shoelaces for a hot pink one LOL!

  10. Jhei says : Reply

    “Tubular” is a synonym for “good” in the 80’s, when surfers began using it as a description for the tube-like shape of an ideal surfing wave. As for them shoes, the purple would really look good on my girl!

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