10 adidas NMD Customs That We’d Like to See More Of

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Without a doubt, the adidas NMD is the hottest sneaker of 2016.

The brand with the 3 stripes had a series of launches, each of which sold out within a matter of minutes.

We’ve seen some sneaker artists taking advantage of the sneaker by dropping some exclusive custom designs.

We went out and found the top adidas NMD customs of 2016 and compiled them in this post.


NMD R1 Custom Golden States Dub Nations

Custom sneaker artist DBLR put together these customs in honor of the Golden State Warriors, who went on to break the NBA single season record for wins.  He didn’t show us a whole lot of the process, but I’m assuming he used the all white R1s as the base.

adidas NMD R1 Custom Golden State Warriors

Sneaker artist: DBLR


NMD R1 Black Wool Samples

I came across these on my Instagram feed this morning. They come from the mind of John Michael Cai, a sneakerhead definitely worth your follow. These are a fresh take on the OG NMDs that released back in December, including a change up of the laces and a “wool” like texture on the body.

adidas NMD Black Wools

Sneaker artist: j.cai21



NMD R1 PK Mint Green Customs

These mint green NMDs are the brainchild of Drew Pulig, creative director for HYPEBEAST. Unfortunately, these are just mockups (they were never made into actual customs) and are 1 of 3 that made this list.

adidas nmd mint green customs

Sneaker artist: Drew Pulig / HYPEBEAST


NMD R1  Primeknit Triple Black Customs

Really like the murdered out matte black version of the NMD Primeknits, put together by Carmeno Customs. These hand painted NMDs and a few dozens other are for sale on his Insagram profile (link below).

NMD Triple Black Customs

Sneaker artist: carmeno_customs


adidas NMD R1 Aqua Drip Customs

Dizz Gavins, aka #drippedgawd, took a pair of triple white NMD runners and did what he does. Using his unique customization style he put together what he’s calling his “Aqua Drip” customs. While this pair is sold, he has some others available on his Instagram page and website (link below).

adidas nmd aqua customs

Sneaker artist: dizzuane


NMD R1 PK Maroon and Black Customs

I tried to dig up some more information on these sneakers but came up empty. I’m not quire sure the original NMD used to create these, but I do know the end result is fire. I’m a big fan of the NMD Primeknits, this maroon and black customization is no exception.

adidas primeknit maroon customs

Sneaker artist: Julien Swoosh


NMD R1 PK All Red F*ck ‘Em Customs

The 2nd of 3 sneakers on this list by Drew Pulig, this triple red custom design features a little bit of white on the sole plug and a big “Fuck ‘Em’ on the front plug. While these sneakers are only a design, I’d love to see a triple red version of the primeknits, they’d be on my cop list for sure.

adidas nmd custom all redSneaker artist: Drew Pulig / HYPEBEAST


NMD R1 Bred Metals

Custom sneaker artist DBLR lands on this list for the second time with a take on the NMD R1s in a “bred” colorway. From looking at his Instagram images, you can see the original sneaker he used (adidas NMD R1 orange / blacks). Be sure to check out his Tumblr to see all his work (link below).

adidas NMD Bred

Sneaker artist: DBLR


NMD R1 Primeknit Samba Customs

Drew’s 3rd time on this list comes from a throwback to my child hood. This mockup of the NMD Primeknit is designed after the classic “Samba” soccer sneakers, a staple of anyone who lived through the 90’s. I doubt adidas would go through making these, but I think they should consider it.


adidas nmd custom sambasSneaker artist: Drew Pulig / HYPEBEAST


NMD R1 “Trail” Samples

Another drop from John Michael Cai, an incredibly clean take on the NMD. He builds out a tan body, overhauled the bottom with a jagged sole and added a very nice pop of navy blue and orange around the mouth of the shoe.


adidas NMD Samples Trails

Sneaker artist: j.cai21


Any more to add? Send us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll get them on the list.

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14 Responses

  1. I’m a sucker for anything matte black so that Triple Black Carmeno Customs is the one for me! The Red F*ck ‘Em and the Maroon and Black are nice too. Damn, I wish I can buy them all! I’d like to stand out…never liked generic stuff so if it’s customized I’d go for it.

  2. I have the Air Jordan Retro Low Bred but this R1 Bred Metals is way way legit! I wish Adidas would experiment more color combos. NMDs are indeed the sneaker of the season and I hope to see more sneakerheads customize their NMDs!

  3. I like the Mint Green Customs, Trail Samples and Custom Golden States Dub Nations the best. The ones I don’t like are the All Red F*ck ‘Em and Prime Knit Samba Customs. The Maroon and Black Customs look like slippers. Amazing how sneakers have changed over the years!

  4. The Black Wool has a simple “every-man” feel to it. But I’m already digging the Primeknit Triple Black design and look forward to acquiring one.

  5. Pretty, pretty. For someone who is not into sneakers, these photos make me want to go to the nearest store and check them out. Thanks!

  6. Triple Black is LIT! You can never go wrong with black so this is an all-around thing for me. Beautiful, beautiful list by the way!

  7. Golden State Dub Nation y’all! Back-to-back this year baby! Awesome construction, high-grade materials…this is the sneaker of the season!!!

  8. The Black Wool looks very nice! The Trail version doesn’t look bad either. If only there are other colors of it available. Perhaps something in the shades of camo green or brown.

  9. The shoes look novel and chic. I like the All Red Fu*k em style as it stands out and looks different than all others. Even the other shoes have nice colour combinations and style which seems quite attractive to me.

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