5 adidas Tubular WMNS Colorways Perfect for Summer

womens adidas tubulars

With summer right around the corner, I wanted to put together a style guide to one of my favorite sneakers – the adidas Original Tubulars. These sneakers haven’t gotten the hype they deserve, especially the women’s version. I went out and found my favorite Tubulars as well as some basic outfit pairings for you to […]

10 adidas NMD Customs That We’d Like to See More Of

adidas nmd customs

Without a doubt, the adidas NMD is the hottest sneaker of 2016. The brand with the 3 stripes had a series of launches, each of which sold out within a matter of minutes. We’ve seen some sneaker artists taking advantage of the sneaker by dropping some exclusive custom designs. We went out and found the […]

THE Complete List of WMNS Adidas NMD Colorways [Updated]

Adidas NMD Womens Guide

***UPDATED TO REFLECT RECENT RELEASES***  Since our list of Men’s adidas NMD colorways received so much positive feedback, I decided to put one together for the ladies. To be honest, the women’s NMDs are better than their male counterparts and may want to consider sizing up and squeezing into them. I plan to keep this post […]

Complete List of Adidas NMD Releases & Colorways [Updated]


***UPDATED to REFLECT MOST RECENT RELEASE DATES***  adidas is making big moves this year. The brand is gaining major ground on the competition with smash hits like the Yeezys, Tubulars and our favorites, the Adidas NMD. The NMD released globally on December 12th, 2015, but adidas quickly added a number of release dates for new […]