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4 Ways to Lace Your New Balance 574s

Lace New Balance 574
Lace New Balance 574
4.3 (86.67%) 18 votes

I’ve always paid close attention to how people lace their sneakers.

Now, I don’t mind keeping some laces the way I bought them. Sometimes there’s nothing better than the original.

I just get annoyed when I see laces flipped over, mangled and twisted – it looks like shit.

More often than not, I see this on New Balances – this article should put an end to that.

I put together a series short videos showing you four ways to lace your New Balance 574s.

  1. Standard Criss Cross Lacing (With Room to Tie Laces On Top)
  2. Criss Cross Lacing That Requires NO Lace Tying
  3. Straight “Bar” Across Lacing (With Room to Tie Laces On Top)
  4. Straight “Bar” Across Lacing That Requires NO Lace Tying

Which one’s your favorite?

NOTE: We used a paid of our light grey laces in the videos. Check them out while they’re still in stock.


1. Standard Criss Cross Lacing (With Room to Tie Laces On Top)

This is your standard out of the box lacing style (and arguably the most common type of sneaker lacing).

Of the 4 styles I’m laying out here, this is by far my least favorite. New Balance laces are thinner than most flat lace types – this makes it easy for them to get folded and rolled over.

If you’re interested, this video below walks you through how to set it up properly.



Quick notes:

  • This is the easiest and quickest way to lace your NB 574s
  • Simply follow the over and under lacing pattern all the way to the top
  • This method gives you room to tie your laces (into a full bow at the top)

For more info on the criss cross lacing technique, read the step by step tutorial.


2. Criss Cross Lacing That Requires NO Lace Tying

This method is completely identical to the previous, with one major exception – you tie your laces inside the shoe, leaving nothing on the outside.

For the 574s, this is my 2nd favorite method – I think the lack of extra lacing (knots) on the top of the sneaker brings out the full body.



Quick notes:

  • Identical to previous method, except you go over the top eyelets (as opposed to coming up underneath)
  • This finishes with the lace tips inside the sneaker, allowing you to tie a knot on the side (hence “no tying” method)

For more info on the criss cross lacing technique, read the step by step tutorial.


3. Straight “Bar” Across Lacing (With Room to Tie Laces On Top)

The straight bar style is a win for the 574s. I think it’s a much cleaner look than the traditional criss cross and using this method helps to keep the laces from folding.

This technique is a little confusing, make sure to watch the video closely to replicate it.



Quick notes:

  • Make sure to pay attention to your lace lengths before beginning. Since you will be tying these on top, you don’t want to me left with a long end and a nub
  • This finishes with the lace tips inside the sneaker, allowing you to tie a knot on the side (hence “no tying” method)

For more info on the straight bar lacing technique, read the step by step tutorial.


4. Straight “Bar” Across Lacing That Requires NO Lace Tying

By far, my favorite method for lacing 574s. I really like the straight across bar method in general, but especially for New Balances.


Lace New Balance 574


For the 574s, this is my 2nd favorite method – I think the lack of extra lacing (knots) on the top of the sneaker brings out the full body.

This method is completely different than the previous – pay close attention to the details in the video.

Quick notes:

  • The laces will finish inside the sneaker, meaning you won’t have to tie them

For more info on the straight bar no tie lacing technique, read the step by step tutorial.


What’s your favorite lacing style?


  1. Wendy says : Reply

    I like sneakers and I don’t really care how I tie laces on my shoe. I used to standard criss cross lacing, but I think straight bar across lacing (with room to tie laces on top) are more cleaner to look and not complicated for me.

  2. Adeline says : Reply

    Criss cross, tie laces on top. 🙂 Can’t beat the classics!!

  3. Samantha says : Reply

    The straight bar with no lace tying looks incredibly neat and tidy. I think i’ll give this a shot the next time with a new pair of sneakers.

  4. Pam Blubaugh says : Reply

    I never knew of these different ways to lace shoes. Still, I prefer the appearance of the standard criss-cross lacing. Perhaps it is simply that it is familiar.

  5. Lakeyia says : Reply

    Wow, this is awesome and really cool. I am going to try this on my shoes. I had no idea that you could do so many different laces and this is my first time meeting someone that actually talks about ways to lace shoes. Thank you for the share and I hope to see more soon.

  6. Ann says : Reply

    This is an awesome way to start lacing your shoe laces. I think that this is a great project and kind of fun to do. I am going to try all four of these on different shoes because I think that when you have different lace ups on each shoe it looks cool. I am happy to see fun things like this and you can even teach your kids. Thank you for the share.

  7. Yasmine says : Reply

    I like the “bar across”; sleek and doesn’t squish up the shoe. But if i don’t knot it right there’s no way it’s gonna stay. Thanks for the tips 😉

  8. Jaikishan KhilnanI says : Reply

    The article is very good and gives real full fledged information about laces. It’s something which hardly we know and no one ever educates us or give knowledge about the laces which also is important. i really
    appreciate the founder of Laces Out.

  9. Jhei says : Reply

    Number 4 is the method I used on my shoes back in high school. It did save me a minute or so from tying them up every time I have to wear them. During college, I went traditional (Number 1?) as it made me feel more secure. I guess there is some psychology involved here. From slacker to uptight?!!! Haha! I kill me!

  10. Hannah says : Reply

    I like keeping it clean and simple so the straight bar style is definitely my favorite. It looks very easy to do too.

  11. Robert says : Reply

    My favorite is the Standard Criss Cross Lacing! It is classic and it is how laces should be on a sneaker. Ha!

  12. Jeremy says : Reply

    I totally feel you, buddy. I got so annoyed whenever I see laces all weird and don’t get me started when I see people combining two different color laces on one shoe. My favorite is your number 2 on the list, it is easy and looks alright.

  13. Florian Laur says : Reply

    That’s quite convenient! I never like to have to tie my shoe laces, so these shoes are almost as if they’ve been made for me!

  14. Christine says : Reply

    I never knew that there were so many ways to lace up sneakers, and that each sneaker should have a specific style!

  15. Anna says : Reply

    Always the straight bar, with or without lace tying. It looks neater and I don’t have to worry if the criss cross was uneven. And yes, I got annoyed whenever I saw uneven laces

  16. Isabel says : Reply

    I am so hopeless when it comes to tying shoelaces, so much that I often pass over perfectly great trainers/sneakers and opt for velcros. Your post just inspired me to try and learn how to do them properly.

  17. Jerome says : Reply

    I’ve always used the Standard Criss Cross lacing all my life, and never really thought about trying different ways. I think I might re-lace my shoes tonight and try that Straight Bar method, but I’ll have to watch the video a few times, it looks like I can get easily confused if I’m not careful.

  18. Athan says : Reply

    I usually go for the simplest way. As long as it keeps my shoes from falling off, that’s good enough for me. The suggestions in this article are pretty nifty though.

  19. Greg says : Reply

    I think the classic standard criss cross the best way to lace your sneakers. It is simple and neat.

  20. Michael says : Reply

    I feel you buddy, it annoys me a lot to see crazy laces on sneakers. I think basic lace is great and that’s it.

  21. Robin says : Reply

    Some newer sneakers came with the lace is already done in a checkerboard style with two different lace colors. I am annoyed just by looking at them.

  22. Sid Young says : Reply

    I’ve been weating NB’s for years. Who knew there’s so many ways to tie a shoe? I’ve always gone with standard Criss-Cross. Guess i’ll try these others.

  23. Bob says : Reply

    My favorite is the straight bar lacing. With no tying necessary, of course!

  24. Melissa says : Reply

    Hi Ryan! Thank you for putting the videos together. This is awesome!

  25. Aly A says : Reply

    I like the classic standard crisscross more than most of the variations. It’s comfortable especially when running and whenever you have to tighten your laces, it’s more convenient.

    • Gina says : Reply

      I lace my shoes horizontal and then I put a different color laces vertical. Kinda looks like a crochet pattern. I like it and it’s unique!

  26. Henry says : Reply

    Basic lacing is the best! My favorite is the classic criss cross lacing with tie on top.

  27. Jimmy says : Reply

    I am totally agree with you. Nothing is better than the original.

  28. Carmen says : Reply

    Not only for this 574s is no tie lacing technique stylishly looking but especially in classic Vans makes it more fashionable. I really love ladies pulling it off edgy and simple.

  29. Greg King says : Reply

    I like pic #1, looks clean and simple.

  30. Ben J. says : Reply

    Nice writeup! I hate the standard criss cross with the bow at the top, Just seems looks like rabbit ears to me and looks corny. I’d much rather go with the second standard style. No bows for me!

  31. Zenzen says : Reply

    Great shoe site! I will share your article on facebook & twitter!

  32. Chuck says : Reply

    You da man Ryan, you always have great stuff to share. Keep it comin!

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