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Although it debuted in 2015, the Nike “Air Max 0” (aka “Air Max Zero”) was the first designed silhouette of the iconic Air Max brand. While the color of the original laces will depend on the pack / colorway / release, the OG shoelace style and sizing is the same across all. The Air Max Zero come equipped with standard, flat bodied cotton / poly blend laces, generally between 45 and 50 inches (137 CM). The stock 45″ laces are short enough to wear untied, however, we recommend going with a slightly bigger 50 inch shoelace for more versatility.

Sneaker Air Max 0
Lace type Flat
No of Eyelets 5
Lace size 45″ or 50″


Lace Swap Recommendations

Depending on your personal style, tastes and preferences, you could swap out OG laces with a variety - below are some of our favorites. Also, be sure to check out our 15 favorite lace swaps for Air Maxes

  1. Gold tipped "ROPE" laces
  2. Black "FLAT" 3M laces
  3. White / grey "FLAT" 3M laces
  4.  Red x Black "ROPE" laces

More About The 0s

Before the Air Max 1 (also known as Air Max 87), legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield designed what we now know as the Air Max 0 (aka Air Max Zero). The sneakers first debuted March 26th, in 2015 after 25 years of being buried in the Nike archives. A second yellow colorway, inspired by Tinker’s original sketch, released on January 21st, 2016. In this regard, zero adds up to the Nike Air Max Zero, an idea put on paper 29 years ago that contained nearly three decades of innovation. It wouldn’t become the first Nike Air Max, but without it, the Nike Air Max 1 would not exist.

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