5 Ways to Lace Your Nike Air Jordan 1 Sneakers

Best Ways to Lace Jordan 1

There’s some debate within the community about the best way to lace up a pair of Jordan 1s. I’ve got my favorite way (which I’ll share with you) but I’ll also show you 5 different ways you can lace your Jordan Ones, allowing you to pick the style you prefer. Before I get into the step by […]

4 Ways to Lace Your New Balance 574s

Lace New Balance 574

I’ve always paid close attention to how people lace their sneakers. Now, I don’t mind keeping some laces the way I bought them. Sometimes there’s nothing better than the original. I just get annoyed when I see laces flipped over, mangled and twisted – it looks like shit. More often than not, I see this […]