Jordan 7 Lace Sizing

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The Jordan VII only comes in high tops, giving them 9 lace holes on each side. However, the top eyelet does not need to be laced, only if you prefer them tight. If you like to laces to the top, go with a longer 72″ shoelace. If you want to wear them looser, go with a pair of 63″ laces.

Sneaker Nike Air Jordan 7
Eyelets 9 Pairs
Lace Type Flat
Length (CM) 183
Width (CM) 0.7
Length (Inches) 72
Width (Inches) 0.27

Shoelace sizing guide

Where to Buy Replacement Laces

We sell exact replica laces to the Nike Air Jordan VII (7s) shoelaces on our store and on our Amazon store. The laces we sell match the exact specifications of the Nike Air Jordan 7 model sneaker.

More About the Air Jordan Sevens

In 1992 the Jordan brand dropped the VIIs, which featured a very similar look to both the 6s and 5s. The 7s had a similar fate to the 4s, which were prominently featured in Michael Jordan's movie, Space Jam, where Bugs Bunny could be seen wearing them on the big screen.

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  1. Aileen says : Reply

    Great writeup guys, this guide is really helpful. Definitely going to pick up a pair for my OG 7s!

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