Jordan 6 Lace Sizing

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The Jordan 6 comes in both High and Low versions, but both have 7 eyelets and similar lace sizes. If you’re looking to replace laces on the Jordan 5 High, go with the 63″ laces. For Lows, go with the 63″ if you tie your laces, 54″ if you leave them untied.

Sneaker Nike Air Jordan 6
Eyelets 7 Pairs
Lace Type Flat
Length (CM) 124
Width (CM) 0.8
Length (Inches) 63
Width (Inches) 0.31

Where to Buy Replacement Laces

We sell exact replica laces to the Nike Air Jordan VI (6s) shoelaces on our store and on our Amazon store. The laces we sell match the exact specifications of the Nike Air Jordan 6 model sneaker.

More About the Air Jordan Sixes

The Air Jordan VIs launched prior to the 1990-91 season, when Michael Jordan completed his second MVP run. The 6 had a heavy silhouette and went back to a more traditional high top sneaker, although a low cut style was added a few years later. These shoes reached their peak popularity with the "infrared" colorway, which still crashes stores to this day on re stocks.

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  1. Adam A says : Reply

    I tried to get a pair of laces from Nike for my 6 lows and they were trash, not even close to the right fit. This info is really helpful guys, much appreciated!

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