Jordan 4 Lace Sizing

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The lacing size you need for your Jordan 4s depends on how you lace them. If you plan to tie your shoes and are using a cross lacing pattern, go with the 72″. If you plan to wear the sneakers loose and untied, I would use the 63″.

Sneaker Nike Air Jordan 4
Eyelets 8 Pairs
Lace Type Flat
Length (CM) 183
Width (CM) 0.8
Length (Inches) 72
Width (Inches) 0.31

Where to Buy Replacement Laces

We sell exact replica laces to the Nike Air Jordan IV (4s) shoelaces on our store and on our Amazon store. The laces we sell match the exact specifications of the Nike Air Jordan 4 model sneaker.

More About the Air Jordan Fours

The 4s to this date remain one of the most popular Air Jordan models. The thick, clunky sneaker was perfect for extra support (at that time) but also became a fashion statement off the court. The 4s were cut from a significantly different mold than all the previous models. The sneakers hit new peaks when Spike Lee prominently featured them in his film, "Do The Right Thing".

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  1. Alan says : Reply

    Thank you!!! I’ve been trying to track down replacement laces for the IVs for months and this is by far the most helpful information I’ve found (Nike provides NOTHING).

    I’m going to go with a pair of 72″ laces, I like to lace my 4s to the top.

  2. 5 Stars! says : Reply

    Thanks guys, helped me to find the perfect pair!

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