Jordan 13 Lace Sizing

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The information below contains the measurements (exact) of the Nike Air Jordan 13 sneaker. To get this data, we measured the original laces of one of the 13s OG releases.

Sneaker Nike Air Jordan 13
Eyelets 8 Pairs
Lace Type Oval
Length (CM) 137
Width (CM) 0.6
Length (Inches) 54
Width (Inches) 0.23

Where to Buy Replacement Laces

We sell exact replica laces to the Nike Air Jordan XIII (13s) shoelaces on our store and on our Amazon store. The laces we sell match the exact specifications of the Nike Air Jordan 13 model sneaker.

More About the 12s

The Jordan 13 released in the same season Jordan earned his (record) 6th NBA title. This was also Michael's last season, as he retired for the 2nd time following completion. The sneaker was designed in the likeness of a cat, including a paw print like sole and holograms to mimic a cat's eyes. The 13s have been re-released in dozens of new colorways and remain a sneakerhead favorite.

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  1. Oleg says : Reply

    Do you recommend round laces or oval laces for the 13s? D

    • Stacey Jay says : Reply

      I suggest going with round laces, we carry a wide selection of them on our shop

  2. Annmarie says : Reply

    Do you sell shoe laces for the 13 “wheat” shoes?

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