Jordan 11 Lace Sizing

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The Jordan 11 comes in a High and Low version, but both feature a noticeably thicker rope lace. If you’re looking for replacement laces for your 11 Highs, go with the 56″ Jordan 11 laces. For the lows, use the 46″ replacement laces.

Sneaker Nike Air Jordan 11
Eyelets 6 Pairs (Highs)   /   5 Pairs (Lows)
Lace Type Rope
Length (CM) 114
Width (CM) 0.7
Length (Inches) 56″ (Highs)   /    46″ (Lows)
Width (Inches) 0.27

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Where to Buy Replacement Laces

We sell exact replica laces to the Nike Air Jordan XI (11s) shoelaces on our store and on our Amazon store. The laces we sell match the exact specifications of the Nike Air Jordan 11 model sneaker.

More About the 11s

The XIs remain one of the most popular renditions of the iconic sneaker to this very day, constantly re-released by Nike in new colorways and even a low top version. Some of the more popular colorways include the OG black and reds, white and black "Concords" and all white "Columbias". The sneaker featured patent leather, a first in the history of the line.

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  1. Steven says : Reply

    Solid review of the ones

  2. Sonny says : Reply

    Perfect guys, this is incredibly helpful. I’ve been looking for replacement laces for my 11s forever, no one has been able to provide the thick rope laces, yours are perfect

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