Nike Air Jordan 10 Shoelace Sizing Guide

Jordan 10 Lace Sizing

The Jordan X continues the rope lacing trend – the best size to replace your existing laces is to go with 56″ laces. While there are 8 eyelets on the sneaker, it’s highly unlikely that you will lace through the top hole.

SneakerNike Air Jordan 10
Eyelets8 Pairs
Lace TypeRound / Rope
Length (CM)137
Width (CM)0.5
Length (Inches)56
Width (Inches)0.19

Popular Colorways

Jordan 10 Retro "Double Nickel"

Jordan 10 Retro "Lady Liberty"

Jordan 10 Retro "Powder Blue"

Jordan 10 Retro "Rio"


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When the Xs launched, MJ was still in retirement and chasing his dreams of playing pro baseball. The sneaker line was worth too much money to Nike and they continued the line with the 10s, a streamlined and lightweight sole that landed during the 1994 NBA season.
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  1. I recently picked up a pair of OVO Xs and wasn’t overly happy with the laces. I looked through some of your rope laces, do you think they will fit the 10s the right way?

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