Nike Train Speed 4

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The Nike Train Speed 4’s are both a durable and lightweight shoe that delivers a powerful lockdown for daily workouts due in large part to an innovative Flywire pattern. Nike released a bunch of colors for colleges and pro football team.

Sneaker Nike Train Speed 4
Eyelets 5
Lace Type Flat
Length (Inches) 45″
Length (CM) 114

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More About the Nike Train Speed 4

The Nike Train Speed 4 is the brand’s durable and lightweight trainer with an emphasis on foot lockdown for strenuous daily workouts. For superior lateral control during quick cuts, Nike employed diagonal crosshatched Flywire cables. Besides the lockdown, the sneaker showcases an outsole with a tough traction pattern and deep flex grooves. In addition customers will find a synthetic upper to keep it lightweight and breathable, while an inner sleeve for a sock-like fit occupies a housing that has solid stability.

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  1. Arthur says : Reply

    I think I already bought a pair that looks somewhat like this. Loved the feel of it on my feet! The color combinations on this design seem much better though!

  2. Adam says : Reply

    These so athletic looking in such a great way! They create the visual illusion that the person wearing them is running or moving very fast!

  3. Jan says : Reply

    I am a Nike fanatic since high school. I love the durability of their shoes. I would love to try this lightweight and breathable Train Speed 4 white! Glad to find this site for the replacement of laces 🙂

  4. elaine says : Reply

    “The Nike Train Speed 4’s are both a durable and lightweight shoe” What I think that, white one with grey one, along with blue logo Nike, it might be a runner favorite color.

  5. Maury Cheskes says : Reply

    Stability and style. Looks like a proper shoe for workouts and for daily wear.

  6. zhangisiung says : Reply

    Definitely one of the shoes that i prefer for my cardio workout. It’s quite lightweight so it definitely helps when you are running. And this series has my favorite color, blue 🙂

  7. Daisuke says : Reply

    I’ve had one before and it was the best workshout pair of shoes I had. I’ve tried similar shoes after that but nothing comes close to Train Speed 4! It’s so light yet tough enough to hold traction on any surface.

  8. Luca says : Reply

    This looks nice! And from what I read, it is comfortable too. I like the sock-like inner sleeve. That ensures it is of perfect fit. Very important when working out.

  9. Kadoya Tsukasa says : Reply

    Interesting name for a shoe. If the previus models were outdoor types this is more on the sporty look. The grey one looks badass.

  10. Kyo Kusagi says : Reply

    When is this going to be available overseas? I would love to have one.

  11. Ricardo says : Reply

    Is there a blue lace? I think that is really the best color for this shoe.

  12. Salvador says : Reply

    Wow I’ve never seen such a beautiful shoes like this. I wonder if other colored laces fits this?

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