Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski

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The Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski sneakers have a streamlined, low profile with a smooth suede, canvas, or leather upper design. The perfect skateboarding shoe, these durable sneakers are complete with Zoom Air cushioning for low-profile impact protection and a herringbone pattern at the rubber outsole.

Sneaker Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski
Eyelets 4
Lace Type Flat
Length (Inches) 36″
Length (CM) 91

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More About the Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski

The Nike SB Stefan Janoski series of sneakers first released in 2013, with the "Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski" model making its debut. Janoski revealed in 2013 that he is completely responsible for the design of the shoe, following initial resistance from Nike, Inc. The Janoski line of skateboarding shoes are wildly-popular and successful, and now are an integral part of the Nike brand.

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  1. Erikson says : Reply

    This is the classic design that I find most preferable. The zoom air cushioning is a real treat for my feet, and is mostly the reason why this is my brand of choice. The tones are very simple but pleasant to look at.

  2. Ford says : Reply

    Suede is one of the textures that I like on my shoes. For me, it just has some inexplicable degree of class. The design seem old-school, simple and comfy – just the way I like it. Any of the color available here will definitely match most of my wardrobe. Awesome!

  3. Tracy says : Reply

    Dang! That black leather is the bomb! I’m no skateboarder but I’ve always bought Janoskis cuz they’re so cool for outdoors. Five stars for this one!

  4. Rocky says : Reply

    Zoom Air cushioning is the best! No other shoe can have that comfortable and lightweight feel. Glad there are new ones for this season. Red Stone Tan looking very nice!

  5. MOZ says : Reply

    Perfect blend of style and elegance. I’d like to wear those shoes to a hipster concert and make all the crowd jealous. Good shoes are empowering and I think these kicks take the cake.

  6. Ricardo says : Reply

    Wow I love the design. It’s very classy. The flat lace suits the shoes. Is this really for skating? I feel like this is more of like for parties or something.

  7. Salvador says : Reply

    I like the brown one with the green nike logo on it. And then it should have green laces on it too. Very cool shoes.

  8. Rebi says : Reply

    I like the look of this, the leather kind of shoes!

  9. Kyo Kusagi says : Reply

    I wonder what is the Inspiration for this model? I mean Janoski sounds like a jewelry than a shoe. But that aside I like the blue jeans one.

  10. Kadoya Tsukasa says : Reply

    Does it come with a model that does not need lases? If it does I will love to buy it. Never the less it is perfect.

  11. Mick says : Reply

    OMG! I can’t believe it’s here already. Red Stone Tan is my favorite so far.

  12. Keane O. says : Reply

    Take them out skating or wear them for casual occasions, it’s all up to you. They feel comfy, look good, and got great grip on most surfaces.

    My friends and myself bought ourselves a pair each a few years back. The only complaint I’ve ever heard from the guys is that it isn’t good for those with a wide foot.

  13. Gale.C says : Reply

    Get a pair when you want skate shoes that’s clean, lightweight, skateable, and low-profile. You want your game to do the talking, after all!!

    My advice to anyone who’s buying one is to go for a pair that’s true to size. No size allowance or going half a size smaller if you want it to fit just right. Take it from someone who’s been wearing Janoskis ever since!

  14. Vasilio says : Reply

    Comfy lookin’. I would wear it.. Looks pretty good and simple.

  15. Kristina says : Reply

    Ohh I want this! Looks pretty good! Hopefully I can find something like this for my brother’s birthday!

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