Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max L

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Nike’s SB Stefan Janoski Max L provides excellent impact protection and a natural ride with a Max Air unit under the heel and deep flex grooves. It’s the perfect combination of new and old tech that provides the right kind of performance.

Sneaker Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max L
Eyelets 4
Lace Type Flat
Length (Inches) 36″
Length (CM) 91

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More About the Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max L

The Nike SB Stefan Janoski series of sneakers first released in 2013, with the "Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski" model making its debut. Janoski revealed in 2013 that he is completely responsible for the design of the shoe, following initial resistance from Nike, Inc. The Janoski line of skateboarding shoes are wildly-popular and successful, and now are an integral part of the Nike brand.

8 Ratings

  1. Nathan says : Reply

    I already got the blue & black ones. I just need to get the black & white ones. No complaints here.

  2. Doug B. says : Reply

    I can see myself wearing these. The deep flex grooves is what make em smooth.

  3. Deren says : Reply

    How does Nike keep coming up with these winning ideas. Does it every stop? They’re gonna make me spend all of my money lol…

  4. Red says : Reply

    The green ones are different. I like the way they stand, plus it goes well with my money;)

  5. Ty says : Reply

    Janoski ain’t no joke. Bruh know what he doin.

  6. Nazir says : Reply

    I really never knew that skateboarding shoes had such style. this is nice I give 2 thumbs up for these!

  7. Colo says : Reply

    Nice review. And you’re right,it is the perfect combination of new and old tech. I can tell a lot of thought and design work went into this shoe. Much respect for the Stefan Janoski Max L.

  8. Blotter says : Reply

    I know this site it the best place to buy all the greatest laces, but I have to get the shoe first. Where can I buy these babies?

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