Nike Roshe One

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The Nike Roshe One is the first of two versions that brought a low-cut performance and lifestyle option to the shoe game. Four eyelets are accompanied by 36 inch round laces. These kicks were made to wear with or without socks.

Sneaker Nike Roshe One
Eyelets 4
Lace Type Round
Length (Inches) 36″
Length (CM) 91

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More About the Roshe Ones

Inspired by the practice of meditation and the concept of Zen, the Nike Roshe hit the scene in 2011 by rookie Nike designer, Dylan Raasch, and Nike Sportswear. This sneaker bridged the gap between running and casual wear using the greatest notes of simplicity. With extreme attention to detail, Raasch made the outsole resemble garden stepping stones, the insole look like a freshly raked Zen rock garden, and topped with enough versatility to rock with or without socks.

10 Ratings

  1. Rebi says : Reply

    Good shoes without wearing socks, comfortable shoes on the inside

  2. alfred says : Reply

    It has a simple but nice design. I like the colors and the texture of this pair of shoes. Can’t wait to have one!

  3. richard says : Reply

    This new design is really amazing. It looks nice with or without socks. This would be best for parties and out of town.

  4. Mick says : Reply

    I can’t decide which one I like best, ‘Wolf Grey’ or ‘Action Red’. They’re both so fab. Can I get both?

  5. Rochelle says : Reply

    I love the texture of it.. Looks very comfy and convenient for everywhere.

  6. Lagertha says : Reply

    I really like the grey one. The design is really simple but looks elegant.

  7. Rima says : Reply

    They look really comfortable. The color options are nice too, could be mix and match with many colors of pants and skirts.

  8. Enzo Manalo says : Reply

    I love the design of the Nike Roshe. I especially like they come in a variety of colors. Personally I like the wolf grey and action red. I’d probably wear these without socks.

  9. Gary_M says : Reply

    A great everyday shoe!! They’re incredibly comfy so I take them out for walks, errands, coffee runs, etc. Excellent cushion and lets my feet breathe, too!!

    No complaints in the first few months up until I decided to wear them when I go jog in the morning. My fault, really.

  10. Sanders Matte says : Reply

    Out of the box, I’d say that these have been especially comfy!! I wore them as casuals or short runs to the grocery or wherever and I love that they’re breathable. They may not be made for rough, everyday use though. I guess that’s the trade-off for its unparalleled comfort.

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