Nike Kwazi

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The Nike Kwazi brings a unique and futuristic style that provides a plush, snug fit and an innovative outsole pattern for a natural feel. Nike seemed to have borrowed elements from the Roshe and Air Yeezy 2 for these ones.

Sneaker Nike Kwazi
Eyelets 4
Lace Type Flat
Length (Inches) 36″
Length (CM) 91

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More About the Nike Kwazi

The Nike Kwazi debuted in the summer of 2016, as a bridge between the Nike Roshe, Huarache and Air Yeezy 2 lines. The shoe has a nice balance between performance and leisure. The stylish Nike Kwazi is a lifestyle model with ultra comfortable construction. They are put together with a breathable mesh upper and feature synthetic overlays. In addition, they also have a midfoot strap, inner sleeve, and egg crate-inspired outsole.

12 Ratings

  1. Irfan says : Reply

    Yeah I’d agree that this looks like a Roshe and Air Yeezy combined. Still cool tho. Construction is very solid and looks comfortable!

  2. Dustin says : Reply

    I like the sole of the Kwazi. It’s very unique! Feels great on the feet man!

  3. Rebi says : Reply

    I like the design of this! looks very Yeezy and very modern

  4. Ricardo says : Reply

    I love the white and maroon ones. They are catchy in the eye!

  5. Salvador says : Reply

    Yes Ricardo I agree with you. I love the maroon one! I’m gonna buy it.

  6. Alice says : Reply

    Omg, this looks pretty nice… Very comfy lookin’ and soft. I would love to try this out hiking.

  7. Kiki D. says : Reply

    I want the red one so bad. It reminds me of Michael Jackson’s shoes in the music video for “Thriller”. It’s giving me so much 80’s vibe!

  8. Chie says : Reply

    These are amazing pieces! I’ll definitely get one, I like the white one best!

  9. Virg says : Reply

    Plush, snug fit and an innovative, indeed! The colors are amazing too!

  10. Chie says : Reply

    I love the white one best! I’ll make sure to get those soon!

  11. GarrickD says : Reply

    I bought a pair on a whim and didn’t regret it for a second. That time I was looking for an all-red shoe to go with jeans and shorts when I saw these. They look dope and so glad not a lot of the guys wear ’em!!!

  12. Marvyn_M says : Reply

    If you could moonwalk on clouds, this is how it’d probably feel like. That’s how comfy the Kwazi is! A perfect combo of style and comfort, simply the best shoes I ever bought!! Just don’t wear it playing ball on the blacktop

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