Jordan 6s

Air Jordan 6 on Feet

Air Jordan 6 was nothing but good luck. That’s the only way to describe them.

With Air Jordan 6s on his feet, Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to win the NBA 1990-91 season by pummeling the LA Lakers in the finals.

They say, there’s only one thing harder than winning: defending it. And Michael Jordan did that too. Playing the season with Air Jordan 6, he came out winning the NBA scoring title (yet again).

In addition to these two huge awards, Jordan won MVP for the second time in his career. Air Jordan 6 worked like a lucky charm for Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls. But for Michael Jordan and Air Jordan fans, the new release carried more value (perhaps somewhere deep—at the emotional level). To satisfy these hungry fans, Nike released the retro edition in 2000 with new color schemes, and the “Nike Air” engraving made way for the famous Jumpman.

Then in 2002, Jordan 6s were given a slightly new form with a low-top and a new market when they introduced women’s colorways and sizing. With Air Jordan 6, the Jordan series crossed the gender divide and became a universal, gender-neutral craze. But it was not enough.

The Air Jordan 6 ran its first full retro run in 2010, and it was received worldwide by a ravenous audience. The best thing: they haven’t yet exalted it to the hall of fame where you’d have to pay a few hundreds extra to get your hands on (or your feet in!) them. You can still buy them for just $300.

Popular Colorways

air jordan 6 og white infra red black

Colorway: Original White / Infra Red – Black
Release Date: 02/1990
Price: $125

air jordan 6 og black black infra red

Colorway: Original Black / Black – Infra Red
Release Date: 02/1991
Price: $125

air jordan 6 og sport blue white september blue black

Colorway: Original Sport Blue White / September Blue – Black
Release Date: 1991
Price: $125

air jordan 6 og maroons off white nw maroon

Colorway: Original Maroons Off White – NW Maroon
Release Date: 1991
Price: $125

air jordan 6 og carmines white carmine black

Colorway: Original Carmines White / Carmine – Black
Release Date: 11/1991
Price: $125

air jordan 6 2000 retro olympic midnight navy varsity red

Colorway: 2000 Retro Olympic Midnight Navy / Varsity Red – White
Release Date: 09/15/2000
Price: $120

air jordan 6 retro white midnight navy

Colorway: Retro White / Midnight Navy
Release Date: 10/4/2000
Price: $120

air jordan 6 2000 retro black deep infrared

Colorway: 2000 Retro Black / Deep Infrared
Release Date: 8/23/2000
Price: $120

air jordan 6 retro black metallic silver low

Colorway: Retro Black / Metallic Silver Low
Release Date: 4/27/2002
Price: $105

air jordan 6 retro white university blue low

Colorway: Retro White / University Blue Low
Release Date: 4/27/2002
Price: $105

air jordan 6 retro white coral rose womens low

Colorway: Retro White / Coral Rose Womens Low
Release Date: 4/27/2002
Price: $105

air jordan 6 retro DMP defining moments black metallic gold

Colorway: Retro DMP Defining Moments Black / Metallic Gold
Release Date: 1/28/2006
Price: $296

air jordan 6 retro carmines white black carmine countdown pack

Colorway: Retro Carmines White / Black – Carmine Countdown Pack
Release Date: 5/24/2008
Price: $310

air jordan 6 retro olympic rings 2008 white varsity red green bean blue

Colorway: Retro Olympic Rings 2008 White/Varsity Red-Green Bean-Blue
Release Date: 6/7/2008
Price: $150

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