Jordan 17s

Nike Air Jordan 17 on Feet

The Air Jordan 17 was the first launch in the Air Jordan family after Michael Jordan was back to the NBA court—this time for the Washington Wizards.

Wilson Smith, the successor of Hatfield and person who made Jordan 16s a huge success even without a walk through the NBA court, took charge of designing this model too. For this design, he was inspired by, “The fine details from an Aston Martin, the smooth lines and flow of a jazz solo and the long Air Jordan history of innovations in style.”

To turn his inspiration into reality, Smith used a reinforced midsole to serve as the backbone of the shoes. Did it work?

It worked better than anything else. The reinforced midsole became an instant and lasting success. It became so popular that they retained it even in the Air Jordan 18. But, Smith had artistic streak, so he didn’t stop at the reinforced midsole. He went on to give the Jordan 17 a removable midfoot cover—pretty much like the gaiter/shroud in the Air Jordan 16.

But, the Jordan 17 couldn’t fly. Not because it didn’t have a good design, but because of its high cost. This was the first model in the Air Jordan series to hit the high price of $200, and this price was prohibitive for most of the Air Jordan fans.

Nothing could justify the cost–neither the Jumpan-embossed metal casing of the shoes nor the free CD with Air Jordan 18 song in it. The price was just too high to keep it selling. Maybe it’s because of this reason that Nike never came up with its retro.

Popular Colorways

air jordan 17 white college blue black

Colorway: OG White / College Blue – Black
Release Date: 02/09/2002
Price: $200

air jordan 17 black metallic silver original release

Colorway: OG Black / Metallic Silver
Release Date: 03/30/2002
Price: $200

air jordan 17 og white black metallic copper sport royal

Colorway: OG White / Black – Metallic Copper – Sport Royal +
Release Date: 11/23/2002
Price: $200

air jordan 17 low white university blue black chrome

Colorway: OG Low White / University Blue / Black – Chrome
Release Date: 06/01/2002
Price: $150

air jordan 17 low all start white lightning black chrome

Colorway: OG Low All Star White / Lightning – Black – Chrome
Release Date: 06/01/2002
Price: $150

air jordan 17 low black chrome

Colorway: OG Low Black/Chrome
Release Date: 10/05/2002
Price: $150

air jordan 17 retro black metallic silver countdown pack

Colorway: Retro Black / Metallic Silver Countdown Pack
Release Date: 05/24/2008
Price: $310

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