Nike Zoom KD 9

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With a cutting-edge cushioning system, the Nike Zoom KD 9 Men’s Basketball Shoe delivers enhanced responsiveness and control for versatile play. Not to mention its unique sock-like Flyknit forefoot for breathability, stretch and support. So the KD 9 has both tech and style going for it.

Sneaker Nike Zoom KD 9
Eyelets 5
Lace Type Round
Length (Inches) 45″
Length (CM) 114

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More About the Nike Zoom KD 9

The Nike KD 9 dropped on June 20th, 2016, and it’s Kevin Durant’s ninth signature basketball shoe. These kicks were designed by Leo Chang and features Flyknit and Zoom Air technology. As you can see, the KD 9’s do not disappoint on the style and quality front. Checkout some of the interesting colorways above.

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  1. Arthur says : Reply

    The whole sole is air-cushioned! Love that! I could already imagine the feel of this shoe on my feet. The color selection is not bad either. I usually purchase all-black-colored shoes, but the black-white combo looks really good too!

  2. 4nton says : Reply

    Quite a nice shoes to play basketball with. The shoes pump does help jumping a little bit, so when you try making that dunk-shot, it will not disappoint.

  3. Jabbar says : Reply

    Yeah saw this at another site I thought it was a fluke! Some have Jordans, Kobes or LeBrons…but my pick is KD! I like how it wraps my feet inside. Most comfortable basketball shoes in the world!

  4. Kadoya Tsukasa says : Reply

    I am torn right now the green and grey are both looking so good. I wonder if it comes cheap though

  5. Kyo Kusagi says : Reply

    If my hunch is correct does KD 9 stand for Kevin Durant? Why the 9 though? But its good the grey color suits it well.

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