Nike SB Portmore Ultralight

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Aside from being lighter due to its mesh upper, the SB Portmore Ultralight offers similar attributes as its Canvas brethren, including a cushioned insole and a rubber outsole. It’s still very much a go-to sneaker. 

Sneaker Nike SB Portmore Ultralight
Eyelets 4
Lace Type Flat
Length (Inches) 36″
Length (CM) 91

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More About the Nike SB Portmore Ultralight

Nike started the SB skateboarding brand of sneakers in 2002. The Nike SB Portmore Ultralight is a sneaker that offers lightweight performance and breathability thanks to a mesh upper and a one-piece midsole/outsole. Harringbone traction pattern is also apart of the model’s design elements.

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  1. Maury Cheskes says : Reply

    That’s a unique looking sneaker. I dig the rubber outsole. Looks like it would be a good shoe to wear in warm weather because of its thick coating.

  2. Alex says : Reply

    These sneakers never go out of style! I don’t skate but I have like 3 pairs of Nike SBs. It’s lightweight that’s great for everyday use.

  3. Nate says : Reply

    I go for “low” shoes because they look better on me. Nike SBs is one of my dependable choice for everyday kicks. Like this Portmore line…they’re just perfect on a chillout day. Wear it with jeans or shorts, you can’t go wrong. Definitely 5 stars yo!

  4. Rebi says : Reply

    Very cool with different colors!

  5. Ricardo says : Reply

    I love the black and blue laces. Their colors are very attractive.

  6. Salvador says : Reply

    The flat lace really fits the shoes. I love the blue one!

  7. Tristan says : Reply

    I like how vibrant the color is and the design. Looks pretty good to me.

  8. Kiki D. says : Reply

    It looks so nice and comfy. I like that it’s made of breathable fabric so my feet won’t get all sweaty and clammy even after a long day.

  9. Chie says : Reply

    I’m more into gray laces! I’m getting one!

  10. Virg says : Reply

    I agree! It’s my go-to sneaker, too! I love the blue ones!

  11. RalphL says : Reply

    I wore these during my skateboarding days and I love its excellent grip on the board! But even now that I’ve retired my decks, I still wear them as they’re great for simply cruising around. No doubt, one of the best shoes I’ve ever owned!!

  12. Androw V says : Reply

    Light and comfy, just the way I like my everyday shoes! I wear these all summer tho I do wear them with jeans in winter. Defo not just for skaters as Nike would put it!! Hehe

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