Nike Air Huarache Utility

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The Nike Air Huarache Utility is a funky looking shoe that shares similar characteristics as the original Huarache silhouette. What you get is a beefed-up upper, with extra protection to take on the outdoors. It is an incredibly durable and stylish sneaker.

Sneaker Nike Air Huarache Utility
Eyelets 4
Lace Type Round
Length (Inches) 36″
Length (CM) 91

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More About the Nike Air Huarache Utility

The Nike Air Huarache Utility debuted in 2015 as a new innovative take of the original Huarache sneaker. This model is lightweight and possess a slightly different style due to its more heftier look. The characteristics include a Dynamic Flywire lace system and slip-on option.

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  1. Maury Cheskes says : Reply

    Great model. Looks like the type of shoe you could bring on a hike with its traction capabilities. Wide style selection too. Let me try one of them bad boys.

  2. Christoph says : Reply

    Look at that Camo! Best camo colorway I’ve seen this season. Not gonna hike anytime soon but hey, why wait for spring yeah?

  3. Miaka Yuuki says : Reply

    If the previous shoe model is for strolling, this is more of a dudes shoes. I hope it comes in cheap though.

  4. Pedro says : Reply

    Never seen the 2015 version but this one’s really great! Very solid construction and looks comfortable to wear even after a whole day outdoors. Superb upgrade!

  5. MIco Robin says : Reply

    I prefer the black color scheme and the green one. How much is the price of these though.

  6. alfred says : Reply

    I want a pair of this! Nike really is producing the best shoes for me. These pair of shoes sure is stylish for outdoor use.

  7. richard says : Reply

    What a nice pair of shoes! This really fits my outdoor nature. I’m sure its design doesn’t compromise the comfort of its user.

  8. Ricardo says : Reply

    The round laces fits on this. It makes it more durable or stronger especially during hiking.

  9. Mark Ignacio says : Reply

    I like that the lace is black. It can be use to any colored shoes. Round laces are very tough because I have one of that also.

  10. Piper says : Reply

    I like the classic military look. This is perfect for camping and trekking because of its rugged design.

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