Air Max 2015

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The Nike “Air Max 2015” was released late 2014. While the color of the original laces will depend on the pack / colorway / release, the OG shoelace style and sizing is the same across all. The Air Max 2015 come equipped with standard, ropes made of cotton / poly blend, generally between 45 and 54 inches (137 CM). If you prefer to wear your laces untied, we recommend going with a slightly shorter, 50 inch shoelace – it’s a better fit for laid back styles.

Sneaker Air Max 2015
Lace type Rope
No of Eyelets 6
Lace size 54 In / 137 CM


Depending on your personal style, tastes and preferences, you could swap out OG laces with a variety - below are some of our favorites. Also, be sure to check out our 15 favorite lace swaps for Air Maxes

  1. Gold tipped "ROPE" laces
  2. Black "FLAT" 3M laces
  3. White / grey "FLAT" 3M laces
  4.  Red x Black "ROPE" laces

More About The 2015s

Introduced in late 2014, the Nike Air Max 2015 is equipped with flexible cushioning and plush comfort all around, the runner provides updated features from previous models. The seamless mesh upper is featherlight and breathable. Additional features include an internal bootie, a sculpted cushion midsole, and waffle cut outsole along with others. The Nike Air Max 2015 is dressed in various colors for specific tastes and styles. Many styles that give this new Air Max silhouette more depth and versatility when it different social settings.

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    This is so helpful, thank you Laces Out!

    • Eloise says : Reply

      Just bought these laces – they’re a perfect fit!

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