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New Balance 574 Custom “Bruise” Gum Bottoms

Custom NB 574
Custom NB 574

New Balance doesn’t get enough credit for their customization platform.

Not only is the 574 an incredible sneaker to customize, New Balance will deliver that sneaker within 7 days of ordering.

When I was writing that article last week I was feeling inspired. So much that I decided to create my very own New Balance 574 custom.

I’m calling this colorway “Bruise” as they’re a simple black and blue upper body with gum bottom soles.

If you’re interested in copying the exact colorway, I wrote the colorway recipe combination underneath the pics below.


New Balance 574 Custom Base View

New Balance 574 Custom Top View

New Balance 574 Customs Front View

New Balance 574 Custom Close Up

New Balance 574 Custom Back Heel



I’m curious to hear what you guys think – comment below and let me know!


  1. Adeline says : Reply

    Nice! not the colours i would have picked, i’m personally partial to three-tones, but it’s innovative of NB to allow this level of customization.

  2. Wendy says : Reply

    What an innovation! It’s nice and simple. But I love apple green and black color combination.

  3. isay918 says : Reply

    I like the black and blue combination, but it would have been nice to give some blue color at the back portion…to balance the colors. But all in all its ok.

  4. Akshey says : Reply

    Just the right amount of blue for me. Good design and love the concept.

  5. Christine says : Reply

    Great looking sneaker and review…they are one of my favourite models as well

  6. Sheila says : Reply

    I like the splash of color with the black. The customizing is a nice option for NB to consider.

  7. Jhei says : Reply

    The color combination seems okay. I’m sure a lot of people like it. Personally, I’d go for a darker shade of blue though. Or maybe other earth tones.

  8. pocoyay says : Reply

    New Balance has released too much shoes for 574 series. I wonder when will they re-create the 442 series.

  9. Toni Fontello says : Reply

    I think a darker shade of blue would look nicer. Plus some blue at the back of the shoe and maybe a blue “N” on the side for a nice contrast.

  10. Brian says : Reply

    I never knew that new balance had so many customization options. I think they are seriously underrated.

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